Botchii (youarebait) wrote,

Being sick is AWESOME!!!! (the grossest update ever!!!)

Dude, It really ROCKS!!!.... uhmm, no.... I'm not sure what's wrong, but this head cold is making me, well... rather confused? I mean, ever blow your nose, and all the goo comes out of your eye socket?!?!?!?

Oh Tak!!!**arm gesture translated**

Thats me!!! **sigh** good times... well, not really.
Right now I'm tryin to wake up the Shebah Sheow so she can take me to Wal=Mart to get a Nasal Spray of some sort...
It's awesome, I woke up & my eyes were glued together, but no pink eye... but then I open them to see....... you guessed it, the pinkest redest most inflamed goo infested eye sockets ever!!!

Oh Tak!!!**arm gesture translated** ...well, not really
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