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So I just got done interviewing Zeke Rogers & Mike Peterson for the documentary. They both did a great job & were very cooperative. Zeke is an especially good interview since he's not afraid to show his opinion. And Mike was just fun to chat with & leave the camera on.

But anyhow, I just got done talking to a girl from the Orion who has no idea about what type of story she is doing on us. It's awesome!!! Then, the girl from the Road Runner has yet to email me our feature, (which she said that she'd do on Fri of last week). Plus the Synthesis has yet to email back about our review. So it's kinda frustrating, but whatever.

Press works on a headline first basis obviously... "If it bleeds, it leads." "If it smokes, uhmm, then, a headlin.... you know, I don't know all those phares! But I'm going to bed now... losers!!!
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