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I finally quit my job working for SATAN!!!?!?!?!!!!

Yes, that's right, media services...

a job where....

your boss blames you for things that happened on Thursday even though you didn't work on that day!

your boss yells at you because you didn't tell her where you're going... even though you told her 15 minutes earlier that you are leaving for 15 minutes & she looked into your eyes & said, "that's fine, thanks for telling me."

your boss has you carry heavy objects up stairs, even though you have a note from the doctor that specifically states, "no lifting for any reason for the next 3 weeks!!!" Oh, and you just got off crutches 2 days prior!!! Yup!!! Oh, and at that same time, their are other healthy individuals working!!!

Yup!!! Nope, no exageration!!! What did I finally do???

REVENGE::::: I left to run an errand for my Boss, or Satan on Monday & decided it was time to pick up a new job. I went directly to Mr. Woods' office & 5 minutes later I had a new job!!!

So what did the slave jerk-off of an employee do to his boss...
decided to quit... that day... on the spot... 3-MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fucking GREAT!!!!

Since Satan used to take 2 hour lunch brakes when she was supposed to be working, but I was... now she can't go to lunch, can't relax & has to stress over finding a new employee in time for a massive testing rush later this week!!!

Ahh, meanwhlie, I'm working right now... typing online!!!

Fuck Media Services!!! Now finally, it's time to move on...
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