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Fuckin Right!!?!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!

So I just talked with Shawn, who heads the P.A.W.N.S. as well as new punk label Manifest Destiny. I had an idea I ran past him, not thinking that he'd accept. Basically, I want to film a documentary on the label & let it be known how heavy a job that everything they're doing really is.
Well, he totally agreed & gave me the go ahead to move the project right along. I immediatly started calling other bands that I wanted to be involved in the project & I'm already heavily at work on the project. But then, I got an email from Bill of Uberkunst about doing a split 7" as well as a split VCD release! It was just really a booster! I no longer need to go cow tippin' with the Shebah Shoew! I have purpose! It's weird, other bands are calling me now asking what to do & it makes me feel like an actual adult. It's funny, since I'm more imma... chure, im... mah... ture than all of them combined!!!
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