Botchii (youarebait) wrote,

Good... or BAD?!?!?!

Ever have a really good thing happen?


then a really bad thing happen?


what does this mean? See, today is a boring day at work. But this guy in one of my favorite bands of all time that I introduced myself to last week listened to our demo and went out of his way to talk to me and book me for a really weird 3-2man band competition thing at the Senator Theater in April! Should be a huge event right? I feel great right? Nothing can spoil this day right?
... (borrows from Amy)
dune dune dune!

here comes the meanest lady ever!!!

she turns in her His 8 paper, her format is wrong. So I tell her, "I'm not sure if he'll except this paper. He's pretty stuborn, I know it's a little thing, your name's in the wrong corner. I know it's small, but he won't except it."

Meanest person ever replies
"WHAT!?!!? You're telling me he won't except it because my name's in the wrong corner?!?!?! No, You're WRONG!?!?! I did it right!?!!?"(on & on for 15 minutes, as line builds up)

me(in nice tone)
"You did it fine, and I can accept it. But when I give it to him, I'm sure he'll dock you points for it since his format wasn't followed... I have nothing to do with it. I 'm just helping you. It's actually do tommorow, so if you want to just move the name over, bring it in tommorow, then their will be no problem."
"NO!??! (boss comes back from lunch) WHO'S That?!?! Excuse me, do you know anything about this!?!? This guy obviously doesn't!?!?!"
My boss tells her the same exact thing I did, she gets kinda embrassed and just turns the paper in to us and walks off without appologizing... awesome.

Can't wait for that show in April... I'm gonna kill everything.
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