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My name is Tom [21 Jul 2003|12:34am]
My name is Tom and I NEVER update my journal. Nope! Not even once in the last couple of months! Because I stink! My girlfriend rules though. She rules the school. She is tops! She is way better than me because she at least ATTEMPTS to update HER journal. Me, I just read my email and NEVER post. Yup. *arm gesture*
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no honestly [12 Apr 2003|03:41am]
I'll have that up in a bit
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It appears that someone... [12 Apr 2003|03:34am]
[ mood | non-sleep-able ]

has made a website all about the Shebah Sheow!!!?!??!????!!!!!!!

Not sure who, but I heard that it was made on April 13th, from 12:45 until 3:45AM while the Shebah was sleeping??? I don't know, but you can go to it here:

file:///C|/Documents and Settings/Amy & Conrad/Desktop/Amy/Pictures/Old Pictures/UltimateShebah!!!.html

well, that won't work so Ha!!!

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Just tryin to wake up the Shebah Sheow [23 Mar 2003|10:41am]
[ mood | bored ]

So I've already tried to wake up the Shebah a few times & it hasn't worked... Now, for the ultimate wake up call... Spilling coffee & tickeling to DEATH!!!

oh wait... well, I'll just try again...

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Press is awesome!!! [14 Mar 2003|05:39pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So this girl thought that she did a great job in reviewing our video recently. She thought she got our sense of humor ("Don't listen to us, Botchii Sucks!") & thought that she understood how we're a band that takes the negatives & turns them into positives (Getting sound out of broken instruments).

I told her that our video was purposely edited to look like it was broken. With the
tape constantly messing up, and rewinding itself, a hard technique and
an interesting effect if you ask me!
She misquoted that as, "the band plays broken music," and "It's just garbage!" Not
that we play on stuff we got from the garbage, but that we're garbage!

What's interesting here is that it sounds like she wrote a review bashing Botchii's music... but she thinks she did A FUCKING FABULOUS JOB!!! She even asked me today, on campus to go get a paper & review the article cause she thinks that I'd be proud!!!
Which bring me to an interesting stand still about mass-media today... it's it's own source. Basically, if you look at today's headlines, facts don't need to be checked & writers don't necessarily need to write about the band. They can just make up the band's history & say anything if they really want.


Just look at some of today's headlines...

• Chile proposes compromise plan on Iraq
• Senator questions Iraq nuke program 'proof'
• Bush sets timetable for Palestinian state
• Congressman quits post over Jews remark
• Smart's cousin may have also been target
• Miramax pulls controversial 'Gangs' ads
• Howard Stern sues ABC over 'Are You Hot?'
• NCAA Conference Tourneys - GameChannel

Now watch as we writter-ifically warp this juicy headlines:

• Chile proposes compromise plan on Iraq-toasters across the country
• Senator questions Iraq nuke program 'proof of insurance and toasters'
• Bush sets timetable for toasters in Palestinian state
• Congressman quits post over Jew's "toaster" remark
• Smart's cousin may have also been a toaster
• Miramax pulls Toasters' controversial 'Gangs' ads
• Howard Stern sues ABC over 'Are You Hot?: Before they were toasters II'
• NCAA Conference Toaster Tourneys - GameChannel

See, now toasters are responsible for war, foreign policy, the Smart abduction, ABC's awesome programming known as "Are You Hot" & the NCAA Championships!!!

All true, and no bashing!!!


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Press [12 Mar 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | busy ]

So I just got done interviewing Zeke Rogers & Mike Peterson for the documentary. They both did a great job & were very cooperative. Zeke is an especially good interview since he's not afraid to show his opinion. And Mike was just fun to chat with & leave the camera on.

But anyhow, I just got done talking to a girl from the Orion who has no idea about what type of story she is doing on us. It's awesome!!! Then, the girl from the Road Runner has yet to email me our feature, (which she said that she'd do on Fri of last week). Plus the Synthesis has yet to email back about our review. So it's kinda frustrating, but whatever.

Press works on a headline first basis obviously... "If it bleeds, it leads." "If it smokes, uhmm, then, a headlin.... you know, I don't know all those phares! But I'm going to bed now... losers!!!

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Oh crap... [06 Mar 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Just when you think it can't get worse... you loose all of your studying stuff, the day before the test you've been stressing over so bad. This is AWESOME!
I'm now a complete idiot, along with loser.

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Uhmm, by the way... [06 Mar 2003|01:23am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Why doesn't anybody else ever update their journal anymore??? Josh rocks, but the rest of you... C'mon, even I update my journal now, the one who never updates his journal... C'mon, you're all horrible! What, did you all get jobs or something? You're all editors for the local press, therefore to good for little journal pride?

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Must Study... [06 Mar 2003|01:18am]
[ mood | sad ]

That's it! It's 1:19AM & if I want to pass my political science class, I have to start studying right now, I mean it right n... (runs off to study)

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Freedom!!!?!?!?!?!????!!!! [04 Mar 2003|11:28am]
[ mood | amused ]

I finally quit my job working for SATAN!!!?!?!?!!!!

Yes, that's right, media services...

a job where....

your boss blames you for things that happened on Thursday even though you didn't work on that day!

your boss yells at you because you didn't tell her where you're going... even though you told her 15 minutes earlier that you are leaving for 15 minutes & she looked into your eyes & said, "that's fine, thanks for telling me."

your boss has you carry heavy objects up stairs, even though you have a note from the doctor that specifically states, "no lifting for any reason for the next 3 weeks!!!" Oh, and you just got off crutches 2 days prior!!! Yup!!! Oh, and at that same time, their are other healthy individuals working!!!

Yup!!! Nope, no exageration!!! What did I finally do???

REVENGE::::: I left to run an errand for my Boss, or Satan on Monday & decided it was time to pick up a new job. I went directly to Mr. Woods' office & 5 minutes later I had a new job!!!

So what did the slave jerk-off of an employee do to his boss...
decided to quit... that day... on the spot... 3-MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fucking GREAT!!!!

Since Satan used to take 2 hour lunch brakes when she was supposed to be working, but I was... now she can't go to lunch, can't relax & has to stress over finding a new employee in time for a massive testing rush later this week!!!

Ahh, meanwhlie, I'm working right now... typing online!!!

Fuck Media Services!!! Now finally, it's time to move on...

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Fuckin Right!!?!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!????????!!! [27 Feb 2003|01:13am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So I just talked with Shawn, who heads the P.A.W.N.S. as well as new punk label Manifest Destiny. I had an idea I ran past him, not thinking that he'd accept. Basically, I want to film a documentary on the label & let it be known how heavy a job that everything they're doing really is.
Well, he totally agreed & gave me the go ahead to move the project right along. I immediatly started calling other bands that I wanted to be involved in the project & I'm already heavily at work on the project. But then, I got an email from Bill of Uberkunst about doing a split 7" as well as a split VCD release! It was just really a booster! I no longer need to go cow tippin' with the Shebah Shoew! I have purpose! It's weird, other bands are calling me now asking what to do & it makes me feel like an actual adult. It's funny, since I'm more imma... chure, im... mah... ture than all of them combined!!!

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Ever update your journal purely out of boredum??? [24 Feb 2003|04:18pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Oh man, so it's 4pm, my boss just left & it's me & Ye working until 4:45. But no ones here, just us. So since we work at College, & their are no students to work with right now, we get to sit, but not only that... we also get to count lights!!!


Things don't get better do they??? So since I don't really have any homework to worry about, I guess I'm just doin this.

So, uhh... Yeah, I uhh... it's fun... updatin the uhh... umm, old, uhh... journal and all... Yup, just me, the journal, the camAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About how much Botchii HATES BOREDUM!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Well, at least the Shebah will be out of class in no time & we'll get to go to her house & well, pretty much do nothing... haha... How about this? However's reading this, post comments on what we should do instead of sitting around... no cow tippin' we did that yesterday!!!

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More sites??? [24 Feb 2003|01:00am]
[ mood | curious ]

I don't know... but we apparently even got hate sites out there???
Aww well, at least it's written by a great guy who's really nice.

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more shitty sites??? [23 Feb 2003|01:38pm]
Why are they showing up??? Whos making them???
Who loves us so much??? I don't have any idea???
No idea???
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I'm not the creator of all these Botchii sites!!! [23 Feb 2003|11:09am]
[ mood | And by accomplished... I mean ]

I don't know who made all of this Botchii fan sites!?!? But they're horrible!!! Like this one for example...
What the Hell???
And who the hell made this one?!?!??

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Deconjestants [10 Feb 2003|02:21pm]
Oh tak! Guess who still feels like but particles...
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Good... or BAD?!?!?! [10 Feb 2003|02:04pm]
Ever have a really good thing happen?


then a really bad thing happen?


what does this mean? See, today is a boring day at work. But this guy in one of my favorite bands of all time that I introduced myself to last week listened to our demo and went out of his way to talk to me and book me for a really weird 3-2man band competition thing at the Senator Theater in April! Should be a huge event right? I feel great right? Nothing can spoil this day right?
... (borrows from Amy)
dune dune dune!

here comes the meanest lady ever!!!

she turns in her His 8 paper, her format is wrong. So I tell her, "I'm not sure if he'll except this paper. He's pretty stuborn, I know it's a little thing, your name's in the wrong corner. I know it's small, but he won't except it."

Meanest person ever replies
"WHAT!?!!? You're telling me he won't except it because my name's in the wrong corner?!?!?! No, You're WRONG!?!?! I did it right!?!!?"(on & on for 15 minutes, as line builds up)

me(in nice tone)
"You did it fine, and I can accept it. But when I give it to him, I'm sure he'll dock you points for it since his format wasn't followed... I have nothing to do with it. I 'm just helping you. It's actually do tommorow, so if you want to just move the name over, bring it in tommorow, then their will be no problem."
"NO!??! (boss comes back from lunch) WHO'S That?!?! Excuse me, do you know anything about this!?!? This guy obviously doesn't!?!?!"
My boss tells her the same exact thing I did, she gets kinda embrassed and just turns the paper in to us and walks off without appologizing... awesome.

Can't wait for that show in April... I'm gonna kill everything.
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Being sick is AWESOME!!!! (the grossest update ever!!!) [08 Feb 2003|08:55am]
Dude, It really ROCKS!!!.... uhmm, no.... I'm not sure what's wrong, but this head cold is making me, well... rather confused? I mean, ever blow your nose, and all the goo comes out of your eye socket?!?!?!?

Oh Tak!!!**arm gesture translated**

Thats me!!! **sigh** good times... well, not really.
Right now I'm tryin to wake up the Shebah Sheow so she can take me to Wal=Mart to get a Nasal Spray of some sort...
It's awesome, I woke up & my eyes were glued together, but no pink eye... but then I open them to see....... you guessed it, the pinkest redest most inflamed goo infested eye sockets ever!!!

Oh Tak!!!**arm gesture translated** ...well, not really
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Subject [10 Jan 2003|10:46pm]
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How to Fail a Final.... the Right Way [17 Dec 2002|08:39am]
First, you must forget about attending class altogther.
Then, you must remember to only take a minimun of 13 min.
to take your test
Now, you must close your eyes.
And, you must, and remember, it must be with force...
Pick, every which answer to beat your last record!

Now, You've successfully failed your midterm... and have became awesome in your own mind... Ahh, good times.... good times.... you know, it's hard.... being this awesome and all.
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